RNA for Women’s Day – #IWD2024

In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day, we want to highlight the remarkable contributions of women scientists in the field of RNA research. Today and always, we recognise their roles in shaping the landscape and paving the way for the cutting edge research work currently ongoing in the field.

In GENEGUT, we stand at the forefront of RNA research, leveraging the collective expertise and dedication of researchers across eight European countries. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we pay homage to the pioneering work of women scientists who have paved the way for groundbreaking discoveries and innovations in this dynamic field: from Prof. Joan Steitz to Prof. Katalin Karikó. Click through our infographic below to find out more.

As we continue our work in GENEGUT, we remain committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable environment where all voices are heard and valued – building upon the legacy established by the women scientists who came before, and creating an environment that allows women scientists to thrive now. Interested to learn more about the women scientists working on GENEGUT? Read through their thoughts on Women in Science here. 

Happy International Women’s Day!