New GENEGUT publication: Trends in 3D models of inflammatory bowel disease

We are happy to announce that our new GENEGUT publication “Trends in 3D models of inflammatory bowel disease” is now available to read online.

The work conducted by our GENEGUT partners i3S, provides a critical overview on the state-of-the-art on existing 3D models of intestinal inflammation and discusses the remaining challenges, providing insights on possible pathways towards achieving IBD mimetic models.

The State-of-the-Art in 3D Models

There has been a lot of progress in creating three-dimensional models that mimic the complexities of IBD. These models allow studying inflammation in a more realistic context, paving the way for targeted therapies. The new publication provides a critical overview of existing 3D models, highlighting their strengths and limitations.

The publication emphasizes the importance of collaboration and interdisciplinary efforts. By combining expertise from various fields—biology, engineering, and medicine—we can bridge gaps and accelerate progress. Their critical analysis sheds light on possible pathways for achieving better IBD models. These models will not only aid drug development but also improve our understanding of IBD.  

Read the full publication here: Link to publication

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