Pioneer of mRNA research: UCC honorary doctorate for Dr. Katalin Karikó

The University College Cork (UCC) is awarding an Honorary Doctorate to Dr. Katalin Karikó for her pioneering mRNA research. Watch the panel discussion “In Conversation with Professor Katalin Karikó” with GENEGUT coordinator Prof. Caitriona O’Driscoll and project partner Dr. Piotr Kowalski (UCC) through the link below. 

“Dr Katalin Karikó has dedicated her career to achieving a dream that conventional scientific wisdom once deemed implausible.” For over three decades, her research has focused on the use of messenger RNA (mRNA), convinced that mRNA could be used to make their own medicine. Now, the UCC honour will officially recognise Dr. Katriko’s discovery of the revolutionary mRNA technique and her outstanding contributions to science. 

UCC has a strong heritage in RNA research. In 2021, a team of UCC researchers led by Professor Atkins, together with Swiss collaborators, made a discovery that highlighted a potential drug target against the Covid causative virus. The pioneering work of Professor Caitriona O’Driscoll and Dr Piotr Kowalski are focused on developing innovative solutions to deliver RNA-based therapeutics. Read more here. 

The “In Conversation with Professor Katalin Karikó”, hosted by Professor John Cryan, Vice-President for Research and Innovation and featuring Professor Katalin Karikó in a lively discussion with Professor Caitriona O’Driscoll and Dr Piotr Kowalski, University College Cork, will be livestreamed at 4.15pm (GMT) on 26 April 2023 at the link below.