PostDoc position in GENEGUT

The GENEGUT consortium is currently looking for an exceptionally enthusiastic, creative, and driven Post-Doctoral Researcher with a passion for interdisciplinary science.
Find the open position below: 

1 PostDoc Position in “Oral delivery of encapsulated RNA nanotherapeutics for targeted treatment of ileal Crohn’s disease”

The School of Pharmacy at the University College Cork, Ireland is currently recruiting a Post-Doctoral Researcher in Pharmaceutics.

Oral administration of RNA-drugs is a new and exciting challenge that will build on 25 years of experience in the development of RNA therapeutics and oral drug delivery in the UCC School of Pharmacy. The successful candidate will be co-supervised by Prof. O’Driscoll and Dr. Kowalski and will closely interact with PhD students and cooperating partners. The project will focus on the design and evaluation of nano formulations containing a range of RNA cargos including short interfering RNA (siRNA) and messenger RNA (mRNA) for oral delivery. The formulations will be engineered using novel biomaterials based mainly on functionalized cyclodextrins (O’Driscoll lab) and novel polymers (Kowalski lab) and formulated into nanoparticles (NPs) via a range of processing techniques including microfluidics. The NPs will be designed to meet stability in biological fluids including gastro intestinal fluids. Pivotal proof-of-efficacy will be demonstrated in a pig model of chronic intestinal inflammation and a 3D multi-cellular model of ileal CD.

About the candidate

The prospective candidates should have:

  • Evidence of peer-reviewed publications in international scientific journals
  • Prior practical laboratory experience and the capability to work independently
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to contribute in a multidisciplinary team setting
  • Excellent oral/written communication skills
  • Candidates with a Ph.D. degree in pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, biomedical or chemical engineering, biotechnology, or a related field are highly encouraged to apply
  • Experience in one or more of the following areas will be desirable:  oral drug delivery, RNA delivery, chemical synthesis, nanoparticle formulation and characterization, intestinal cell culture models, assay development and animal work.
Candidates should apply, in confidence, before 12 noon (Irish Local Time) on Friday, 3 February 2023. No late applications will be accepted.

To apply and for the complete details on the open position click the link below – Reference Number: 062951