PhD position in GENEGUT

The GENEGUT consortium is currently looking for an exceptionally enthusiastic, creative, and driven PhD student with a passion for interdisciplinary science. Find the open position below: 

1 PhD Position in Molecular Pharmaceutics

Uppsala University and the Department of Pharmacy are currently recruiting a highly motivated candidate who will join the Drug Delivery Research Program comprised of the research group Molecular Pharmaceutics, headed by Professor Christel Bergstrom as well as the research group Drug Delivery, headed by Professor Per Artursson under the GENEGUT Research and Innovation Action. 

The PhD student will work within the project “Oral delivery of RNA therapeutics”. The overall goal of the PhD project is to develop more clinically relevant intestinal models based on 3D organoid cultures and to use them to evaluate the efficacy of the RNA therapeutics. The efficacy of the selected nano-formulations will also be demonstrated under an inflammatory environment relevant to patients with CD. The models will be profiled using transcriptomics, proteomics and functional studies. To evaluate the gene modulation efficacy at the cellular level, the uptake mechanisms of RNA-based nanoparticles will be assessed in the intestinal models as well as their intracellular localization and endosomal escape into the cytosol using a range of advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques.

About the candidate

An MSc degree in a relevant field such as Cell and Molecular Biology, Molecular Biotechnology Engineering or Pharmaceutical Sciences is required. The ideal candidate is exceptionally enthusiastic, creative, and driven with a passion for interdisciplinary science and translational research. In addition, the candidate is highly motivated, organized, reliable team player that can also work independently and has thorough education and strong interest in research. The candidate has good communication skills in oral and written English. Previous experience of any of the core subjects are meritorious.

Application details and further information, including eligibility criteria, can be found under the link below.